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Bush is Evil

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I believe that purposely collapsing the economy and murdering three thousand of our own people at the world Trade Center to create a fictitious justification for war in order to prep the American people into relenting and accept a world socialist government is treasonous. It's murder.The one world government is on it's way.

The information you just have acquired is shocking and contrary to what we are told by our government. Everything in this e-mail and website can be easily verified so donít just take our word for it. Take the time to verify it for yourself. Our Countryís future is at stake. Our country has been hijacked and our nation is in serious trouble. Now there is tangible evidence that the Bush administration murdered our own citizens and our government is still lying to us to protect the Bush administration from prosecution for treason and mass murder. Our government did everything they could to try to stop us from hearing what really took place and how our people died in New York at the World Trade Center. It took a court order and three years of litigation to obtain these audiotapes that our government does not want you to hear. In this website are five clips from a surveillance camera that was outside the Pentagon during the 9/11 attacks, and former immigration officer for Homeland Security, Mary Schneider, implicates the Bush administration in a conspiracy of treason and mass murder. Eyewitnesses at the scene speak out about the World Trade Center collapse and the voices of the rescue workers from audio tape 776923 where a rescue worker yelled out "EXPLOSION!" as his radio went dead and the 26th floor exploded and one of the World Trade Center buildings collapsed. Click here for more information: We need to bring the Bush administration to justice for what they have done to our country and for the murders of our people. The Bush & Clinton Connection

The United States considers Pakistan one of its most important allies in the "war on terror." An antiterrorist coalition has accused the United States of hypocrisy for working with a Pakistani government that India says continues to support terrorism. February 20, 2007 "Synthetic Terrorism" is the result of a deceitful acts on the part of the Bush administration that later turned criminal, treasonous, and potentially resulting in the most serious crime against humanity since the Holocaust.

To give you and illustration how lubricious and corrupt the Bush administration along with the Republican Party has become and just how capable they are of committing mass murder for oil click here. The whole world knows what our government has done including the International War Crimes Tribunal. There is now an unprecedented world movement to bring these war criminals to justice just as the Nazi war criminals became answerable for war crimes on charges of conspiracy, crimes against peace, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. Let us not forget the murders and murder cover-ups of our friends and families who died at the World Trade Center buildings. Those responsible need to be brought to justice for what they have done to our country and our citizens. A Republican Congressman alleges 9/11 cover-up by the Pentagon. Watch the Video

This is the type of propaganda John Kerry used to inundate Americans with a subterfuge that would support the Democratic Party and cover-up any connection to the world socialist government movement and the 9/11 murders. We all believed him and trusted him at this time while he purposely deceived us."Please Help Support our Troops Stop the Roadblock Republicans"

US Troops in Iraq Talk About Halliburton & KBR

The Wounded Warrior Project

New Pearl Harbor

Senior military, intelligence, law enforcement, and government officials question the 9/11 commission report

Bush Lied

It's Easy to See Bush is Lying Again

Notice the smart ass smirk on Bushís face after he speaks as if he just pulled off a bank job and got away with it. It's obvious that Hillary knew the war was a scam but took a letís wait and see stand. She knew that Bush murdered our citizens at the World Trade Center and she thinks that it is funny. She had too. Notice her reaction as shit-head gives his speech. Shit-head's Speech.

What the Clintons Do Not Want You to See

How did they know?
"'s coming over our radio; get out of the area, the second tower's coming down." "They're saying the second tower is coming...?" "Yes, it's about to collapse." To learn more click here

Al's Bullshit for Morons
and the New World Government

The Bush Crime Family: Three Generations of Treason


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Lies the Butcher Used to Convince America

American Casualties

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No Modern Steel Building Has Ever Collapsed Because of Fire

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Presidential Emergency Operation Center

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The Clinton's Involvement in Drug Smuggling

US Government dealing Cocaine in Mena Arkansas Part I

US Government dealing Cocaine in Mena Arkansas Part II

US Government dealing Cocaine in Mena Arkansas Part III

US Government dealing Cocaine in Mena Arkansas Part IV

US Government dealing Cocaine in Mena Arkansas Part V

US Government dealing Cocaine in Mena Arkansas Part VI

Texas Republican Slams Bush

9/11 Press For Truth

Al-Jazeera: Bin Laden tape obtained in Pakistan

Clinton, Bush, Cocaine, and Murder

Dumping Billions: Rep John Sweeney

Bush America

For The Love of God

9/11 Bush Lied


Conspiracy Of Silence


Clinton, Bush, and the CIA Drug Smuggling

Bill Maher: Impeach Bush

In this next video keep to mind that you can take the ass out of the barn, but you canít take the barn out of the ass. Bush's One-Fingered Victory Salute

The reason why Manuel Noriega, the once president of Panama, is sitting in a US prison is to cover-up George H W Bush's drug connection and support of the Contra Rebels. In December 1983 Bush flew to Panama to meet with Noriega. This encounter was interpreted by Noriega as an appeal in training and arming the Contras. Jose Blandon was the top political aide to Noriega. When subpoenaed before the Senate investigating committee in 1988, Blandon testified that Bush asked for and received a commitment from Noriega to help secretly arm, train, and finance the Contras. In North's 1989 trial more evidence surfaced about the Bush-Noriega Contra connection. A Costa Rican-based Contra leader testified that he received $100,000 from Noriega in July 1984. Bush continued to plead ignorance about Noriega's drug dealing activities. Blandon confirmed that the CIA used Noriega to funnel guns and money to the Contras and that Panama was used as a training base.

Barry Seal estimates that he has earned between $60 and $100 million smuggling cocaine into the US, with the feds closing in on him, Barry Seal flies from Mena to Washington in his private Lear Jet to meet with two members of Vice President George Bush's drug task force. Following the meeting Seal rolls over for the DEA becoming an informant. He collects information on leaders of the Medellin cartel while still dealing in drugs himself. The deal will be kept secret from investigators working in Louisiana and Arkansas. According to reporter Mara Leveritt, "By Seal's own account, his gross income in the year and a half after he became an informant - while he was based at Mena and while Asa Hutchinson was the federal prosecutor in Fort Smith (82 miles away) was three-quarters of a million dollars. Seal reported that $575,000 of that income had been derived from a single cocaine shipment which the DEA had allowed him to keep.

Clinton's bodyguard, state trooper LD Brown, applies for a CIA opening. Clinton gives him help on his application essay including making it more Reaganesque on the topic of Nicaragua. According to Brown he meets a CIA recruiter in Dallas whom he later identifies as former member of Vice President Bush's staff. On the recruiter's instruction he meets with notorious drug dealer Barry Seal in a Little Rock restaurant. He then joins Seal in flight to Honduras with a purported shipment of M16s and a return load of duffel bags. Brown gets $2,500 in small bills for the flight. Brown, concerned about the mission, consults with Clinton who says, "Oh, you can handle it, don't sweat it." On the second flight, Brown finds cocaine in a duffel bag and again he seeks Clinton's counsel. Clinton says to the conservative Brown, "Your buddy, Bush, knows about it, and of the cocaine. That's Lasater's deal."

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I Salute you George

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