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Bush is Evil

"It's up to you - will your voice be heard?

The Roadblock Republicans are at it again, trying to evade responsibility for their actions in propping up the Bush policy in Iraq. But we've got a powerful ad going into their states, letting them know that their support for the Bush policy in Iraq will lead to the end of their political careers.

Want your voice to be heard? Contribute to the Roadblock Republican Radio fund of your choice and put the Iraq radio ad you chose on the airwaves to hold accountable these Republicans who have rubberstamped the Bush Iraq policy.

(Like I've said before, you've got the keys to the car on this project. you can choose where the ad runs. We've set up the contribution page so you can give by state, or you can give to the general Keeping America's Promise fund to air the ad in all the states. This entire effort has been about empowering activists, so we wanted to give you control over where the ad runs.)

Some of you contributed to the fund last week, but we still need as much as we can. The other side is launching a $15 million ad campaign in support of vulnerable Republicans who have rubberstamped the Bush policy; we need as much as we can get to show them that the consequence of putting their loyalty to George W. Bush above their responsibility to choose the right policy for our troops is simple: in 2008, you lose.

I think you chose an incredible message for your ads. You can listen to the new radio ad here. Edwin Walker, the veteran who wrote the spot, is the voice in the ad, and it's a powerful message to the politicians who are repeating the mistakes of a previous generation.

Please contribute to air this ad as much as we can in as many states as we can.

As the reports come in about the true results of the escalation, the reasons for action are even more clear. In May, the Congress demanded a series of benchmarks, so we could try to end the endless game of lowered expectations and shifting goals from the Bush Administration. When we put in those benchmarks, even people like Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader in the Senate, praised the "clarity" they would bring. But now that the independent Government Accountability Office delivered that clarity in the form of a failing grade for the escalation, Republicans are backing off and trying to bury the report in favor of a White House-written report next week."

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